Video directed by Patrik Wallner & Alix Roussel

Produced by Postcard Productions

Make up by Karen Yiu

song from the album HYPERSENSITIVE Buy or Stream :

Song Credits: Written by Afra Kane | Produced by Afra Kane & Christophe Farine | Recorded by Christophe at First Floor studio, Switzerland | Mixed & mastered by Andrea Lepori #mixedbyandrea at The Mix Room – London | Piano, lead vocals : Afra Kane, Marie Fontannaz, Pauline Maurer | Bass & synths: Christophe Farine | Guitar: Emilio Vidal | Drums : Victor Garc╠žia | Backing vocals: Afra Kane | Strings: Marie-Anne Ravel (violin), Micaela Miranda (alto), Auguste Rahon (cello) |