Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia, a vast region within Eurasia which is sandwiched neatly between Russia, China, India and the Caspian Sea. It’s pretty much the geographical heart of Eurasia and for many centuries these lands were an important meeting point for merchants and travellers on the Silk Road.

Join Ethan Loy along with his crew consisting of Rob Wootton, Vladik Scholz and Pasha Kuznetsov in part one of a huge overland skate mission of Central Asia for Patrik Wallner’s new three-part series called Hotel Uzbekistan.

“There are over a billion people living in Africa at the moment. With skateboarding reaching the ends of the earth, from northern Russia to the Maldives, Uruguay to the Galapagos Islands, it only makes sense that, with such a large population, Africa should boast some respectable skate scenes as well, right?

We partnered up with Luke Jackson of South Africa’s ever-excellent Session Skate Magazine and set sail with Barney Page, Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki, Dakota Servold and Yann Horowitz to explore some of these burgeoning scenes, enrolling Patrik Wallner behind the lens to document the experience for sharing” – Sam McGuire

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Patrik Wallner
Produced & Photography by Sam McGuire
Research by Luke Jackson
Produced for Red Bull Media House


Edited by Patrik Wallner

Skate traveller extraordinaire Patrik Wallner has been a stalwart on many of these skate missions into the unknown, and so chunky knucks to him, Dani Millan and Seb Abes particularly, alongside unsung heroes Sam McGuire and Gaston Francisco for their heart and graft in 2018. 


The Lost Continent

Produced for Red Bull Media House

Skateboarding by Barney Page, Yann Horowitz, TJ Rogers, & Remy Tav

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Patrik Wallner … Produced by Sam McGuire … Illustrations by Phoebe King


Produced for Red Bull Media House

Skateboarding by Barney Page, Aidan Campbell, Johan Stuckey,
Minhea Groseanu, Phillip Schuster and the one and only Vladik Scholz

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Patrik Wallner … Produced by Sam McGuire … Illustrations by Phoebe King

‘The Curry Connection’

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Patrik Wallner
Paintings for Introduction by Ryan Nimmo
Illustations by Phoebe King
Produced by Gaston Francisco & Helge Zirkel
Skateboarding by Nassim Guammaz, Jaakko Ojanen, Christian Bica and Rob Wootton
Produced for Red Bull Media House

‘When he proposed to link up with Yoshi Tanenbaum, Vladik Scholz, Thaynan Costa and Marius Syvanen to take on the manifold challenges of skating Hong Kong and Macau, luminary lensman Jonathan Mehring stepped up to handle photographic duties, and Patrik Wallner who quickly established himself as the leading light of the left-field skate exploration, documented the procedure.

As Patrik himself said of the challenges: “Even before planning this trip I was uncertain if a full-length clip would be possible to film, considering the security that loves to give you the boot as soon as you step on their property – but with the motivation and luck we had, it seems like we’ve proved to the skate community that Hong Kong is, once again, a force to be reckoned with.”‘ – Redbull -

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Patrik Wallner
Photography by Jonathan Mehring
Illustrations by Phoebe King
Skateboarding by Yoshi Tanenbaum, Vladik Scholz, Thaynan Costa and Marius Syvanen
Voiceover by Richard King
Produced for Red Bull Media House


Planning a trip can generally go two ways. One, there’s a predisposed theme. Follow the Silk Road or head to the Galapagos for example. Secondly, pick a place that has good skating, is picturesque and people want to visit.

For years I have wanted to visit a small enclave country known as Lesotho, filmmaker Patrik Wallner had always wanted to visit Namibia and we both really wanted to go to Cape Town. So, it was settled: we would take off for Under The African Capricorn, where all three countries lie, to see what they had in store. – Sam McGuire -

Filmed and Edited by Patrik Wallner
Skateboarding by Walker Ryan, Sebo Walker, Jamie Toncowny, Thynan Costa
Additional Videography by Walker Ryan
Photography by Sam McGuire

Eclectic squads and unexpected destinations are what we bring together, and on that front Patrik never fails to deliver. Georgia, Armenia and the tiny, disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh were traversed in search of yet more untouched spots and undiscovered culture. This area, where the easternmost reaches of Europe meet western Asia, is one of the most richly cultured and yet unexplored parts of the world – certainly so in terms of our own tribal movement which we call skateboarding.

Naturally, Plan B legend and rainy backlipper Pat Duffy was enlisted alongside Latvian stuntman Madars Apse, England’s finest, Barney Page, bohemian American ripper Walker Ryan and Russian shocker Gosha Konyshev in what must be a new benchmark in random squad assembly. Love it.

Inevitably, given the skaters involved and the visionary behind the lens, this is a superb three-parter which deserves to reverberate around the world of skating and beyond.Wallner is setting the agenda for visual standards in this kind of skate film right now and the spontaneous skating produced by new terrain and quick hits locks into that aesthetic perfectly. Really, nobody else is doing this kind of stuff today.

Directed, Edited & Filmed by Patrik Wallner
Featuring Pat Duffy, Madars Apse, Barney Page, Gosha Konyshev and Walker Ryan
Guiding and Translating by Kirill Korobkov
Photography by Alexey Lapin
Produced by Red Bull Media House

Two of skateboarding’s finest ambassadors found themselves on the prowl around the Indian state of Rajasthan during Holi, the Hindu festival of color. Michael Mackrodt and Vladik Scholz landsharked it around New Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur with an excellent wingman in Dan Zvereff. We asked Dan to set the scene for the unique Patrik Wallner skate edit above:

“Skateboarding is an activity that combines athletic endeavour with the urge to explore the cities of the world,” says Zvereff. “In some senses it could be described as an art form that evolved on a world covered in cement; what attracted us to the board all those years ago was that original experience of finding a new place where no trick had ever been done before.”

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Patrik Wallner
Photography by Dan Zvereff
Featuring Michael Mackrodt, Vladik Scholz and Dan Zvereff
Produced for Red Bull Media House


When you think of the Maldives, you probably think of pristine beaches and luxurious houses frequented by only the richest of the rich – that is, until now. Join Nick Garcia, Nick Boserio, Korahn Gayle and Jordan Trahan as they explore the magical chain of islands in the Indian Ocean, where they find a wealth of skate spots dotted around the beautiful landscape and afterwards finish the journey by the island of Sri Lanka to explore the capital city of Colombo, as well as the northern Province of Jaffna.

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Patrik Wallner
Produced by Red Bull Media House
Still Photography by Sam McGuire
Featuring Nick Garcia, Nick Boserio, Korahn Gayle and Jordan Trahan

I was honored with a quite sweet award from the European skateboard community, the ‘best film-maker of 2014′. Along with a trophy, Red Bull pretty much told me I can choose any place on earth and film a short piece. I scrambled through a world atlas and thought that Madagascar would be the ideal place to celebrate this award as well as explore the streets of this exotic island along the Indian Ocean with some good friends.

Produced by Red Bull
Directed, Filmed & Edited by Patrik Wallner
Featuring Barney Page, Denny Pham, Nestor Judkins, Wilko Grüning, Brian Dolle, Gosha Konyshev
Photography by Lev Maslov
Text and French interpretation by Kirill Korobkov

Here is Kirill Korobkov giving a short intro to our trip: Madagascar sounds a bit like something from the pages of a fantasy novel. Everyone knows that this place exists, but it’s so remote that it is almost like a myth. The big island resides on Africa’s west side and is a rare destination for outsiders, isolated by both sea and distance. In terms of the skateboarding? Madagascar just might be the perfect mix of originality, adventure, vacation and the unpredictable unknown.


Fleeing the heat and humidity of the equatorial zone, professional skateboarders TJ Rogers, Ryan Decenzo, Madars Apse and Barney Page meet local ripper Farris Rahman in his hometown of Singapore to take him on a journey through Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Chiang Mai – and away from the Equator!

Filmed and Edited by Patrik Wallner
Photography by Florian Hopfensperger


Walker Ryan and Michael Mackrodt took to the streets of a slowly changing and beautiful Havana.
Time stands still in Cuba, as the old US cars and vast colonial mansions vie for your attention. If you’re on the lookout for a beautiful background for your skateboarding, there’s no place like this Caribbean island.

Even though the Castro brothers are becoming older and Cuban society is now on the verge of transformation, things change slowly in Havana. Videographer Patrik Wallner and skateboarders Walker Ryan and Michael Mackrodt took what may prove to be their last chance to visit the ‘untouched’ Cuba. – Red Bull-

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Patrik Wallner
Additional Filming by Tommy Zhao


There’s no doubt that Denny Pham is one of the most talented and promising skaters in Germany. But thanks to his flawless style and a nice bag of tricks his name is also gaining weight in the rest of Europe. Denny is now rolling for Red Bull and this great edit by Patrik Wallner shows that he’s taking no prisoners. If you have the chance to see him skating in person, witness how effortless skateboarding can look. We’re more than happy to welcome him to the team! – Red Bull -

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Patrik Wallner