Edited by Patrik Wallner

Skate traveller extraordinaire Patrik Wallner has been a stalwart on many of these skate missions into the unknown, and so chunky knucks to him, Dani Millan and Seb Abes particularly, alongside unsung heroes Sam McGuire and Gaston Francisco for their heart and graft in 2018. 

Mixed among our year on the road we have our own stand-alone events like Red Bull Bowl Rippers and Red Bull Roller Coaster and concept projects like The White Desert and Pedro Barros’s Bigger Picture, so we really do find ourselves on an endless grind.

It only leaves us to thank our friends from a year on the road who rolled with us and shared in the fast times last year: Madars ApseDan PlunkettJaakko OjanenRémy TaveiraVladik ScholzZack WallinPedro BarrosNick GarciaAngelo CaroKevin TerpeningYann HorowitzDan MancinaPat DuffyTyler BledsoeLuciano CristobalMichael ScottGou MiyagiJosh Matthews, Nassim Lachhab, Gosha KonyshevTino ArenaKlaus Bohms, and Josef Scott: good times all round.

-Red Bull Media House-