It is a pleasure when you get asked by Transworld Magazine to feature a segment for their upcoming Cinematographer Project. When the Visualtraveling members and myself started to ponder about where to go for this venture, we quickly reasoned that Japan would be ideal. As much as we have trekked through the more unusual parts of Europe and Asia, we thought it would be just about time to do a full length project in just one country, and why not the one all the way out far East where the sun rises?! This seven minute part within the full length video was filmed in the Autumn of 2016 starting in Okinawa and working our way up to Tokyo through Fukuoka and Osaka!

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Patrik Wallner
Additional Filming by Walker Ryan
Skateboarding by Denny Pham, Walker Ryan, Phil Zwijsen, Michael Mackrodt, Nestor Judkins and Laurence Keefe.
Music by Hubrist – White Lies x Kodo
Thanks for the support of Transworld and Nike

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