While the turmoil in the Middle East doesn’t seem to have an end in sight, the Visualtraveling project zigzagging around the Eurasian peninsula has somewhat concluded. Exploring the nations on the edge of the Arabian peninsula was mandatory even while Yemen was going through a coup and was swept with chaos. But considering the past ventures such as taking a ten thousand kilometres trek on the Trans-Siberian, meeting the ‘stans, turning ginger in Bangladesh, taking the Mandalay Express, circling the Black Sea, traversing Iran and the Caucasus in the Persian Version and various other smaller journeys, the dedication to explore this last pocket of Eurasia with the mysterious Dragon blood trees lurking on the island of Socotra was intriguing.

A film by Patrik Wallner
Illustrations by Phoebe King
Featuring Walker Ryan, Gosha Konyshev, Laurence Keefe, Tobias Ulbrich, Michael Mackrodt
Locations in Oman, Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon
Hosted by Thrasher Magazine (also article in the July 2015 Issue)