One of my dearest friends @walkerryan just keeps pushing the envelope. Almost a decade ago, I dragged him out to Eastern Asia, when we filmed his ‘A far walk from Home’ (2014) @thrashermag part. Last summer, we made it a bit more fun when we combined a Mediterranean vacation with his new part ‘Textures’ (2023).

We also focused on New York City, where we themed his part around the various textures we roll above. Keep your eyes peeled at the end for a NBD, which Walker really battled for months. Nothing but love to one of the greatest humans I get to film over and over again!

Watch full part on @thrashermag, here some segments of possibly his strongest part to date.

Featuring @walkerryan
As well as @whitneywo @phoebe.king_ @ulbman
Directed & Edited by @patrik_wallner
Produced by @thrashermag
Filmed by @mattschleyer @patrik_wallner
Additional filming by @gregpnavarro @rbumali @gperimony@19thavenue @jackfardell @dr.kylebrown @funisdead@whitneywo @thafilmer & @bo_def_son
16mm by @patrik_wallner & @maxhenderson
Italian Voiceover by @luciambianchi @elisatennessee
Illustrations by @phoebe.king_
Supported by @oldfriends_ @spitfirewheels @thundertrucks@remindinsoles @bonesbearings and @p.o.s.t.c.a.r.d