Excited to release a short ‘El Flujo’ today on @freeskatemag

https://youtu.be/Jy6izE3stNo  Life in Cuba can be colorful while one is scratching the surface of a Cold War Era facade. The recent pandemic and troubled state in which this Caribbean island finds itself, has proven to be a challenge for the skateboarding community.

Through the eyes of two European and an American skateboarder, we meet Orlando and Camillo and more of the @cubaskate family who are doing their best to stay afloat during these hard times.

Directed and Edited by @patrik_wallner Shot by @caneye @ryan.sherman and Patrik Wallner.

Skateboarding by @barneypage @dennypham @rob.wootton @burgos_skater @_orlyenriquerider_

Music by Hidden Orchestra.

@p.o.s.t.c.a.r.d is a production house rooted out of Hong Kong focuses on skateboarding and travel-related storytelling short films.