Slideshow Templete - Horn of Africa

I am currently working on a quite ambitious photo-book – let’s call it ‘The Eurasia Project‘ until it is finished by mid/late 2017. In preparation, it made sense to practise a bit with print so why not create a thin photozine? And why not go to a remote part of the world with some of your best friends? Everything just made sense when we were flying to Egypt early 2016. The purpose was twofold: to have an explorational-holiday and to create a keepsake to possibly lay around a coffee-table.

Photography by Patrik Wallner, Tommy Zhao and Tobias Ulbrich within Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti during a two week trip towards the horn of Africa. Illustrations are created by the talented Ben Rubin.


The Horn of Africa‘ is a 50 pageperfect boundA4 (8.3 x 11.7in), signed limited edition ’zine with only 101 copies printed in Bangkok, Thailand.

$17 per ‘zine + $6 Worldwide Shipping & handling