Rocks in both hands & ready to attack!

Ulaanbatar & Surrounding

End of July, Early August 2009

MediumFormatPatrikWallner_RussiaMongolia_JohnTannerHillLOWQGetting into Mongolia is not easy, at one point we had to wait at the Russian boarder for like six hours. We decided to climb up this hill and check out the view.

MediumFormatPatrikWallner_Mongolia_EnteringLOWQInto Mongolia!



35mmPatrikWallner_RussiaMongolia_BacksideOfTrainLOWQSaying good-bye to the Russian trains, won’t see those guys for a while!

35mmPatrikWallner_RussiaMongolia_SewerLOWQAnd welcome to Mongolia, where sewers somehow never cover the whole…

MediumFormatPatrikWallner_Mongolia_MrBusinessEntering Mongolia was crazy, an amazing but also sketchy experience. Genghis Khan was there to protect us though!

MediumFormatPatrikWallner_Mongolia_BusinessWe think that we made it far by train…Genghis Khan’s Mongol Empire started expanding from the early 1200s to 1294 all the way from Mongolia to China, Stans, Middle East, White Russia to my ancestors home land, Hungary!

MediumFormatPatrikWallner_Mongolia_EegiLOWQThis was our friendly tourguide, Eegi! He showed us around town and showed us some amazing spots! Thank you again, hope to be back soon!

MediumFormatPatrikWallner_Mongolia_LaurenceSovietFirst spot we get to skate in Ulaanbaatar turns out to be a bust. Stas was trying to drop down this Monument close to the train station and a police officer came, who probably never seen Skateboarding before in his life, so he pretty much took Stas (for Skating) and Alexey (for taking Photos) to the Police Station…

MediumFormatPatrikWallner_Mongolia_DogPissingLOWQWhile we were waiting for Stas and Alexey to get out of the Police Office, these young kids were entertaining us with their dog that kept taking a piss on them!

MediumFormatPatrikWallner_Mongolia_AlexeyStreetsLOWQAlexey loved Mongolia!

MediumFormatPatrikWallner_Mongolia_CatesFootAdjustmentLOWQFound some nice bank to Wall at a Gas Station. That’s a spot which Cates loves the most, but he still had to deal with his Angle injury from Moscow.







MediumFormatPatrikWallner_Mongolia_CamelLOWQ-1It was almost time to hit up China, so we all been waiting for this part of the trip, the one day adventure into the wild!

MediumFormatPatrikWallner_PonyToyLOWQ-1Camels, Horses, Eagles, Bows and Arrows… Kids have some fun toys in Mongolia!





MediumFormatPatrikWallner_UlanBator_HochmanMongolianLettersLOWQ-1Danny, my travel mate, been with this guy to a bunch of places! Thanks for the good times!





MediumFormatPatrikWallner_Mongolia_GerWithStasLOWQ-1Stas was so confused when we entered Mongolia since he wasn’t able to read the signs even though the letters were the same as in Russian, the pronunciation of the letters have different meanings…

MediumFormatPatrikWallner_Mongolia_StasTannerHorseridersLOWQEveryone had a great time, I would have had too, if I wouldn’t have had to take my luggage with me. Sometimes you just gotta sacrifice if you want to document something.

MediumFormatPatrikWallner_Mongolia_HorsesProbably one of my favorite days of the trip!


35mmPatrikWallner_UlanBator_MichiHorsemanLOWQMichael Mackrodt, always ready for an adventure, even though I had to convince him for like a month or two, to come along on this trip. Mr. Mackrodt is a pretty busy person!

35mmPatrikWallner_UlanBator_ZvereffHorsemanLOWQDaniel Zvereff never rode a horse before!



MediumFormatPatrikWallner_Mongolia_MutanAndDogLOWQThis guy was our neighbor! We lived in a pretty sketchy area, actually on the night of my birthday, Danny and Michael were a hair away of getting beaten with a metal rod or even getting killed. More about that in the documentary aswell!