Equatorial Limbo

Seoul / Bali 

End of October till mid November 2013

Digital Patrik Wallner Seoul Pulling Flowers from the Ears LOWQ 2000P w WMA South Korean rendez-vous was scheduled for the autumn when I ghastly figured out that I have actually spend more time within the hermit Kingdom, the annoying northern neighbor of South Korea. The Korean peninsula has always had a magnetic pull on me, considering that an imaginary line (the thirty-eight parallel) divides a well functioning capitalistic state from a crumbling socialist regime hanging onto power. Even though the communistic era has ended almost two and a half decades ago, the Kim Dynasty has a tight grip on its people.

Digital Patrik Wallner Seoul Denny Hochman Autumn Pivot LOWQ 2000P w WMDuring 2013 and into 2014, I was a contributing producer for Tony Hawk’s ride channel which had a show called ‘Skate’. Wherever I ventured I could pitch an episode which pretty much compromised a six to eight minute day in a life with one of my friends living in these cities. Daniel Hochman, one of my first travel companions from the mid 2000′s was the host for this episode in Seoul. The first time I even flew out to China was with this fellow back in 2007. Always fun to reminisce about our shenanigans during the filming for my first DVD called Translations. An embedded video of this episode will be at the bottom of this page.

Digital Patrik Wallner Seoul Pink Jacket LOWQ 2000P w WMI had two weeks in Seoul while I had to fly a bit more than 5000 kilometers south to Bali for a job for Asiarooms and then return to Seoul once again (Asiarooms clip below). Since the two trips blend together, I thought it would be suiting to cut back and forth between Bali and Seoul.

Digital Patrik Wallner Bali Kota Chilling LOWQ 2000P w WMI had one of those impulse purchases in Seoul, where you justify the buy saying it will be a good investment. Welcome some more shallow depth of field and the Nikkor 85mm 1.4f G to the family!

Digital Patrik Wallner Seoul Under The Bridge LOWQ 2000P w WMA stroll around the channels and the Han River.

Digital Patrik Wallner Bali Rice Terrace LOWQ 2000P w WMRice Terraces in Ubud.

Digital Patrik Wallner Seoul Always Looking At A Screen LOWQ 2000P w WM

Digital Patrik Wallner Bali The Holy Water LOWQ 2000P w WMThe Holy Spring.

Digital Patrik Wallner Seoul Sabine Red Hat LOWQ 2000P w WMSabine.

Digital Patrik Wallner Bali Chicken LOWQ 2000P w WMOver 50 billion chicken inhabiting the world today. Well by inhabiting, that might be too gently put, more like kept at factory farms. Yes, we are outnumbered by these red jungle fowls!

Digital Patrik Wallner Seoul Lantern Festival LOWQ 2000P w WM

Digital Patrik Wallner Seoul Lantern Festival 2 LOWQ 2000P w WM

Digital Patrik Wallner Bali Legong Dancer LOWQ 2000P w WM

Digital Patrik Wallner Seoul The Saxophone Guy LOWQ 2000P w WM

Digital Patrik Wallner Bali Pelican LOWQ 2000P w WM

Digital Patrik Wallner Seoul Wall Street Bull LOWQ 2000P w WM

Digital Patrik Wallner Seoul Soldiers LOWQ 2000P w WM

Digital Patrik Wallner Seoul Flower Tree LOWQ 2000P w WM

Filmed & Edited by Patrik Wallner


Asiarooms.com has hired me over the past year to film some visual pieces throughout Southeast Asia. When the Indonesian island of Bali was on the horizon, I was stereotypically expecting the cliché of an island run by Russian and Australian tourists. Much to the contrary I was quite overtaken by the serenity.

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Patrik Wallner
Produced by Milda Ratkelyte
Titles by Jesper Lindgren